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Friday, July 1, 2016

2th July 2016

hey its July already OMG! how fast time flies eyyy

alhamdulillah just received unconditional offer from Leeds University and am done with TB test fuhh. so currently waiting for financial statement from MARA and visa application.

cant believe I will be flying off to UK soon in September. however i decided to do some things !! okay for the record, i just want to feel good in my own body, which is not wrong cuz hey lets change for the good shall we ?

i have started to work out last week so it has been 7 days now ? i think lahhh. it was super susah at first but it gets  better and I am doing just fine. TAKRASA KURUS PUN LAGI hahahaha lol it only has been like one week, what do you expect pipol ?

will be applying this freaking cool tips to whiten your teeth and underarm HAHAHA. i am super excited to do that fuh

you know what, i just want to be comfortable in my own skin and it is so tough to feel that. i just hate myself, when i suppose to love mysel. probably by taking care of myself, i might be in love with myself again.

girls, it is crucial to love yourself and be good in your own body okay?

dont be like me, i have such low self esteem and i hate it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bad Luck


how the hell I hopped on the wrong bus ?! gosh, padahal aku ni pengguna sejati public transport kot lol. anyway today I got my result for second semester, it was good. kinda feel sad because i was hoping to get more but eyy be grateful shall we?

i must say second semester was tougher than first semester. luckily i made it tho it was such a tiring journey hm.

not in the mood to talk a lot right now cuz i am sooooo tired, need A LOT OF REST. i actually decided to ask the person (if you read my previous post) , whether she still hold any grudge to me , but cam trbalik kan? i should be the one who are still pissed of with everything haih. anyway let bygone be bygone right plus I am getting older, enough with dramas already pleasee