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Monday, June 13, 2016

13th June 2016


wow, apparently I just deleted all my blog posts  cuz I WAS SO STUPID AHAHAHA SO SO STUPID if you know what I mean. Anyway it has been 2 years or maybe more since the last time I post anything here. Well, guess a lot has been changed since then.

lets open a new chapter shall we , plus I have a lot of time to write a blog. i know that its not okay to depend too much on people, so why not i bebel in my own space without having anyone to judge me lol because i have such depressing thoughts and it is so fcking annoying do.

decided to keep my identity as anonymous so i can write about anything or everything. just finished my first year degree in chemical engineering and WOI I SURVIVED DOH AHAHAHA glad i made it fuh cuz it is fcking susah wei. am waiting for my results and insyaAllah kalau lepas, ke UK lah kita hewhew God bless me! 

alhamdulillah, surrounded by great friends and family. aku je perangai macam setan takreti nak appreciate orang god tolonglah berubah hm. i actually changed my phone number and berambus daripada whatsapp group sekolah ( i went to two different school btw) cuz getting tired of one particular person. sebab eyy why the hell she blamed me oh only me for advising her relationship with her bf do padahal ada je orang yang wanted to talk to her about the same damn thing. fcking annoying pastu acah acah nak blamed me away like wei takboleh ke rendahkan ego kau sikit and embrace it ? i thought a person like you lagi senang nak digest nasihat orang? PELIK WOI ke sebab takpernah tegur? lantak sana. gosh, this is actually one of the reasons why i hate my school. okay enough with this bullsh*t lol

tapi sekarang, slowly I am trying to reach my good friends from that school. i mean, they were being nice to me back then so it is not fair to put the blame to them so why not? ikutkan hati, i wanted to block most of them from instagram and twitter (i dont think they deserve to know whats happening in my life) but then macam tak mature lah pula huhuhu

truth to be told, i missed some of them like really. i had such a great time with them, plus dua tahun kot makan sama sama tidur together so mestilah sayang kan lol THIS IS SO WEIRD but i hope one day i can make peace with my past hm penatlah reminiscing the bad times.

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