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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bad Luck


how the hell I hopped on the wrong bus ?! gosh, padahal aku ni pengguna sejati public transport kot lol. anyway today I got my result for second semester, it was good. kinda feel sad because i was hoping to get more but eyy be grateful shall we?

i must say second semester was tougher than first semester. luckily i made it tho it was such a tiring journey hm.

not in the mood to talk a lot right now cuz i am sooooo tired, need A LOT OF REST. i actually decided to ask the person (if you read my previous post) , whether she still hold any grudge to me , but cam trbalik kan? i should be the one who are still pissed of with everything haih. anyway let bygone be bygone right plus I am getting older, enough with dramas already pleasee

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